The Pottery Shop, 514 E. Main St. Rangely, CO



Open by Appointment

We'd love to have you visit the studio- you'll find it hidden behind two trees and between two steel buildings!

If you're coming from out of town, please call to let us know, or feel free to just stop by. Rangely is in a remote area of Northwestern, Colorado- at least 50 miles along scenic landscapes from any other services. Enjoy the drive and sight-see on the way. We are a small operation, and for now, our hours change seasonally, but we can easily accommodate your schedule, and help you discover some of Rangely's hidden treasures while you're here.

To get here you'll travel from:

  • Vernal, UT 52 miles through stunning high desert mesa landscapes and going through Dinosaur Natl. Monument
  • Grand Junction, CO, 93 miles over scenic Douglas pass.
  • Aspen, CO 161 miles through the Crystal and White river valleys
  • Denver, CO, 204 miles as you cross over the Rocky Mountains
  • Salt Lake City, UT, 222 miles
  • Phoenix, AZ, 632 miles
  • Helena, MT, 703 miles
  • Los Angeles, CA, 828 miles
  • San Fransisco, CO, 956 miles
  • Dallas, TX, 1,010 miles
  • Minneapolis, MN, 1,186 miles
  • Chicago, IL, 1,276
  • New Orleans, LA, 1,513
  • Washington D.C., 1,931 miles
  • New York, NY, 2,050