The nitty-gritty of modern business, handled for you. 

I've been self employed for more than fifteen years. As a creative startup, I was little prepared for everything involved in running a business, yet alone how time and energy consuming it was. After years of ingenuity, resourcefulness, streamlining, adapting and problem solving, I've learned a ton, and I'm here to do for you what I wish someone could have done for me.... prevent you from reinventing the wheel and free you up to do the work you're best at!

We specialize in putting together the puzzle pieces of the tech aspects of business, as well as creative strategy, branding, and task management. Together we assess your goals and needs, and put together a package to provide you an efficient, easy to use system to run your business.

I serve entrepreneurs, small business owners, artists and bloggers by providing social media management, writing services and project management so they can freely focus on what they love.  Helping people achieve their goals is my mission. Celebrating your success is my joy.

I’m a researcher by nature. If I don’t know or have what you need, I’ll help you find it. We work with all size businesses and have experience within the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Our clients work with us to increase the efficiency of their business processes, automate repetitive tasks, and to delegate the projects to us that keep them from doing more of what they love to do. We strive to meet your needs and increase your productivity in your company.

Whether you need 10 hours or 30 hours+ a month, we have your back. Take a look at our packages, as a starting point. Not all business' needs fits into a predetermined box. Let's talk, I am willing to create custom packages upon request.

We look forward to getting to know you, and exploring how we can help take care of the details so you can focus on what you do best, running a great business or organization! Schedule a free consultation call now to assess your needs.



  • Branding & Graphic Design, including logos, social media graphics, web & print collateral, PDFs

  • Event Organization & Marketing

  • Project Management

  • Social Media Management: all aspects, including setup

  • Website design and maintenance, including landing pages and funnels

  • Content Creation & Management, including Editorial and Annual Calendars: Blog Posts, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Newsletters

  • Copywriting

  • Proofreading & Copyediting

  • Image editing and optimization

  • Internet Research

  • Meeting Minutes (from recording)

  • If you don't see a service you need... please ask. We can probably help!


* Once we agree working together sounds like a great fit, we will move forward with a welcome packet and contract.
**All services begin with a complete questionnaire to define your needs + wants


Starts at $45 / hour
(3 hour minimum)

Hourly Retainer Packages

10 hours / month $410
25 hours / month $975
40 hours / month $1450


  • AKA- your ‘unemployee’: Project based work with priority availability $2750 / month

  • Minimum 6mos contract. (3 mos. retainer’s available: $9000 flat fee)

  • First and last month paid upfront.

  • Only 2 spots available, book now!

Project Packages

Creative Strategy Session This is a fun, sky's the limit brainstorming session which pares down to a few concrete ideas to pursue! We'll get together and chat about your dreams, needs and goals. We'll put our heads together, bounce ideas off each other, and come up with some creative solutions upon which you can build a marketing or strategic plan around! 50 minutes @ $75.00

Technology Tune Up The amount of time it can take to sort through all the online apps that aid 'efficiency' can take half a lifetime! Let me help you sift through the dross and identify the best tools for your business or services! What you need is a simple, functional system, not a million options to sort and test. I'm all about getting you freed from the mire and down to business! 40 minutes @ $50.00

MINI Technology Tune Up Have you just got a quick question or two you just need to deal with as you're trying to deal with a technology based project? Schedule a quick chat to solve the problem and move on, asap! 15 minutes @ $22.00

Complete Social Media Management: This is amazing for business owners and organizations that know they need to have an engaged online presence, but don't want to actually be online! Includes complete social media management including posting, daily monitoring, and responding. Pricing determined by number of accounts and posts per week. $220 - $1250 / month

Basic Business Complete Online Setup: Just getting started online? Get all the basics done for you in one efficient package. $3250, one time

  • Includes domain name registration with email setup

  • 4 page website with payment gateway.

  • Setup for up to 4 social media accounts

  • Email list management software, and scheduling software, integrated into website.

  • (includes initial setup fees, but not ongoing monthly / annual charges for outside services, if any.)

Basic Branding Package: For someone just setting up business, who has been operating for a while, without a cohesive, professional look, or who just needs an image overhaul. $3600 one time

  • Includes a detailed consultation about your business and brand goals.

  • A custom logo, tagline, and color palette

  • PLUS letterhead, 5 reusable graphics suitable for social media, email signature, and invoice layout. Basic Style Guide with instructions on how use your brand elements consistently also included.


her diverse skills were invaluable

"...her diverse skills were invaluable in maintaining our early programming at the Clay Center, including the initial creation of our annual fundraiser...She was the computer whiz who helped streamline our web presence, data, email systems and newsletters. She was a key element in getting the Clay Center firmly established. Specifically, she did all the class and program scheduling and established a beautiful Residency program. She was particularly good at creating our initial exhibition schedule, including an annual Resident Artist exhibition offsite before we set up our own exhibition space, and doing all the necessary PR and paperwork such as contracts, licenses, mutual agreement forms, etc.

All these programs continue to this day, largely due to the firm foundation she established in their initial set up."

— Diane Kenney, Founding Director, Carbondale Clay Center

solved my immediate issues

“I was so frustrated with technology and my inability to learn things that others find simple or take for granted.  I was in tears and ready to give up.  Elizabeth Robinson Wiley not only solved my immediate issues but she gave me quick bursts of knowledge that didn't overwhelm me.  I feel comfortable asking what might be dumb questions.  She answers the question in a way I can understand and then she moves me just a bit along the learning curve.  Today, I'm not scared of technology.  I'm actually excited by the thing that used to frustrate the daylights out of me.  She is amazing and just the right person for someone who overwhelmed with learning technology and the advice "just fool around with it" does not work!."

— S.D.