a rare talent”

Elizabeth is one of the most focused and driven individuals I have ever met, and thoroughly committed to the improvement of her community and the people who are a part of it. She is also one of the most creative artists I've ever met. Her ceramics are true pieces of art that are incredible to observe, and even more incredible to watch being made. She's a rare talent in her small community.

— Jon Schallert, Business Consultant, Destination Business Coach

personal touch, passion, and technical skill”

Elizabeth applies a personal touch, passion, and technical skill to her graphic design, publishing, and fine arts. With her education, experience, and attention to detail, Elizabeth makes a professional addition to any design team. Autonomous, she also fits well as a one-woman department.

— Sally Stafford, Secondary ELA, Business Services

Elizabeth is an enthusiastic, self motivated leader who inspires her community to join together in reaching for greatness. She effectively organizes and executes projects that have a lasting positive impact. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work and learn with her. She provides a level of service and dedication that every company and/or community would largely benefit from. .

— Kerissa Taylor, Owner/Operator at Wovoka Ranch & Taylor's Real Estate


thorough in everything she does.”

I have worked with Elizabeth and many occasions and have found her to be thorough in everything she does. She is very pleasant and caring to those she comes in contact with. Elizabeth is very knowledgeable in many areas!

— Jim VanWagoner, Chevron EIS

class, intelligence, and talent”

Elizabeth earned her MFA degree in Ceramics at Ohio University when I was her graduate Professor. I am proud to be able to say I have moved beyond being her teacher and mentor to also being her friend. From attending her wedding to watching her family grow, as well as her commitment and contribution to her profession and her community, I have observed the class, intelligence, and talent invested in all her endeavors. Her tact tempers her natural inclination to forthrightness. Elizabeth is a “can-do” woman. Her blend of intensity and alacrity should be welcome for any single or group project.

— Joe Bova, Professor Emeritus, Ohio University


“Seasy to work with and open”

Elizabeth is an all around great person. She is very knowledgeable in her areas of expertise and is a gifted artist. She is very easy to work with and open to suggestions and criticism.

— Jolene Armstrong, Healthcare Patient Rep. Grand Junction, CO

fresh, excellently crafted, beautifully designed”

Elizabeth Robinson’s work is fresh, excellently crafted, beautifully designed, and functions perfectly in any setting. I highly recommend her products to any person who loves to cook and present food, or who just enjoys the act of eating.

— Louise Rosenfield, Arts & Crafts Professional