Tank mug Kickstarter perks, 2013

My children are growing up with the Tank and the amazing musicians that come with it. Also, I just had my first drum lesson!

My children are growing up with the Tank and the amazing musicians that come with it. Also, I just had my first drum lesson!

The Flobots and a group of musicians visited Rangely, CO in the fall of 2015 as part of a pilot tour of deTour.

The Tank, with handle... 2016 Kickstarter perks....in process

So, Rangely is remote. It really is. There are three ways you can travel to the next town / city: 50 miles along a winding river valley, 70 miles over a mountain pass (for those of you not from Colorado, that equals the better part of 2 hours thankyouverymuch, and 55 miles through high desert mesa county. None of these routes are fun, or even safe, in inclement weather. And guess what else? There's nothing in between. Seriously, not much of anything. No gas stations, very few houses, that type of thing; just 50-70 miles of you and God's creation. Anyway, safe to say that our little town of less than 2,000 can't claim to have a thriving artists' community (yet.). So, when I heard that there was a group of musicians doing a Kickstarter campaign raising money to save a huge abandoned industrial tank that had been moved to the top of a hill who knows when for who knows what reason (we found all these answers later) which apparently is the Taj Mahal of sound and I thought: these are my people. And then I thought, maybe they'd like some mugs. So, long story short, I decorated some mugs I had on hand to entice locals to support their first Kickstarter campaign, started proselytizing for the Tank locally as a great arts education, community and economic development resource, thus confirming my local reputation as a complete wingnut, recruited volunteers, sourced contractors, organized meetings and events- including deTour's (also: detourmusic.org) stop in Rangely in September 2015 which included scheduling venues and hosting for a troupe of traveling musicians visiting a diverse range (har) of rural Colorado locations. Naturally, they wanted to check out the Tank. I set up three free 'song sharing' workshops- not easy, actually, when that type of thing is so outside the norm in one's community, and managed getting the word spread. The Flobots and crew were amazing, and gave incredible workshops at our elementary school, CNCC, and a local church as well as hosted a community jam at the Tank on their final night. Anyway, at some point I stopped making pots, yadda yadda yadda, offered to make 50 mugs for their next Kickstarter campaign 3 years later, and, here we are, with our very own sonic wonder open every Saturday in Rangely, CO and everyone's excited about it and the possibilities it brings for tourism to our town. I could go on, but you can read much more about it on their website www.tanksounds.org, and don't forget to "like" them on Facebook either.

You can find tons of press on the project on their website. Since I live here in Rangely, I will highlight some articles from our local paper, which is fun, because if you read them all, start to finish, it tells the story of how a former high school party site became an International Center for Sonic Arts. The serendipity of it honestly thrills me, and I've loved being part of the ride.