Thank you for subbing for me today!

  1. Please read the below to the class:

  • Today is a practice session in basic art skills: Patience, Practice, Perserverance.

  • Doing art is like learning to play baseball … some days are ‘batting practice.’

  • To hit a home run, you must show up at batting practice, learn to hold the bat, and hope for a good pitch. You will swing and miss the ball many times before you learn to hit it. And then there is a lot more practicing to do before you can swing and hit the ball consistently. A home run is a mix of a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck.

2. Then have the students watch this video:

3. Make sure they have a piece of copy paper. Access to our roller ball pens- which you may take away if they don’t use them properly- for example- taking them apart, clicking the ends incessantly, or using them as drumsticks. They may also use a pencil or marker. They will follow along with the following video / s depending on time. In honor of spring and mother’s day, the goal is to practice flower doodling… in other words, guided drawings on simple flower shapes with variations.

Yes, students must follow along and do the doodles in the videos. Watch however many there are time for without things getting too rushed. The purpose is to have patience and try (swing the bat.) Drawings do not need to look just like the video, or be completed, it will be a different experience and attempt for each student. You are welcome, of course, to pause / replay any or all parts of the video. I did that a lot yesterday! If they get through the video / videos and there is a little time at the end of class, they may embellish / draw their own flowers / add color, detail, etc. / redraw something they learned for practice. They may take their drawings home with them.

Here are the videos: