Our studio shop invites you to enter and shop with a purpose, because when you make a purchase you are directly impacting lives for the betterment of others. As makers of handmade things, we honor the hard work of artisans near and far, and seek to help insure a dignified, living wage for anyone working with their hands. Everything we sell is hand-made locally or brought to you via Fair Trade practices that support artisans living in areas of extreme poverty worldwide. A sari skirt you purchase for your daughter’s senior trip directly impacts a mother, sister, aunt who works from home to provide for her family in Nepal, India that works with Darn Good Yarn. A large bag for your best friend expecting a baby who will now need the space provided to carry everything directly impacts a family in Ghana who work with Global Mama’s to bring you a unique gift that you can share and provides employment, healthcare and training to an area that is often struggling just to put food on the table. When you frame a picture in one of our barn yard wood frames, you are directly supporting an artisan in Craig, Co who reclaims this wood and creates one-of-a-kind backdrops for the special occasion you want to remember. A wooden sword that your son chases “ninjas” with directly supports a craftsperson in Rangely. Everything we sell has a story, a good one.

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