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“Elizabeth is extremely professional and forward thinking when it comes to her business. She always puts community first which I find incredibly honorable and is one reason that I hold her in high regard. She's a cheerleader for her own business and she's a cheerleader for other small businesses, which is good because we all need to truly stand together."

Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer,

Virtual Assistant Services

I've been self employed for more than fifteen years. In the beginning, as a creative startup, I was little prepared for everything involved in running a business, yet alone how much time and energy was involved. After years of ingenuity, resourcefulness, streamlining, adapting and problem solving, I've learned a ton, and I'm here to do for you what I wish someone could have done for me.... prevent you from reinventing the wheel and free you up to do the work you're best at!

I love working one on one with people, speaking to other business owners, helping strategize and solve problems, and especially the satisfaction of demystifying a process or helping someone get 'unstuck' so than can keep moving forward toward accomplishing their goals. This can be anything from assisting with organizing projects, creating project management systems, or helping with programs such as Squarespace, Asana, and MailChimp.

We specialize in putting together the puzzle pieces of the tech aspects of business, as well as creative strategy, branding, and task management. Together we assess your goals and needs, and put together a package to provide you an efficient, easy to use system to run your business. 

Are you ready to find more time in your day and stay on track with your business by receiving some help from me?


 Fine pottery and unique custom tableware

Fine pottery and unique custom tableware

It's cliche, but true, I've been an artist all my life, and a potter for more than 20 years. As a maker my passion is creating things that live in people's daily lives, participate in the intimacy of meals, in quiet conversations over coffee, as the background of a room or the centerpiece on a table. Dishes I make mediate the ordinary and the celebratory. They are participate in the mundane and special experiences the add up our lives. In the last few years I've made fewer pots, but helped create new experiences in my community.

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